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POTW: April Fuel’s Day with WFRY (2008)

It’s our first POTW from Watertown! There’s no joke at these pumps — with gas prices skyrocketing, Watertown’s Froggy 97 invoked a tried and true tactic to earn big brownie points with listeners earlier this month.

Mr. Froggy and Cheap Gas

Here’s station mascot “Mr. Froggy” with a potential future Arbitron diarykeeper. The country station, owned by Stephens Media Group, managed to get the gas station owner to lower prices for regular unleaded to $2.97 a gallon, as seen in the background. Click here to see dozens of other photos from the event, including the long lines of cars waiting to get in, and WFRY personalities Bud Green, Webb Foote and James Pond.

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