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POTW: Marty & Shannon at the Fair (2008)

Every station in Syracuse is live at the State Fair this week.  Here’s one of them.

Since nobody sent any entries for our first-ever POTW contest (we were quite disappointed), we just visited station websites at random until we finally found one that had pictures of their remote broadcast setup at the fair.  Here are Marty and Shannon from the Hot 107.9 Morning Show.  There’s more on the Hot 107.9 website.


Send Us Your Pictures!
We’re always interested in what’s happening today at your station, or a look at something unique from the past.  Just send those shots to pictures(at)cnyradio(dot)com.

One Comment to POTW: Marty & Shannon at the Fair (2008)

  1. I notice though that WSYR only did a few live remotes during the week, one of their jockeys made a comment that it’s because of a problem with a big fan of the afternoon show last year or whenever they last set up, but who knows.. I just thought it odd that the local news station wasn’t there when all the TV news stations and even News 10 Now (which I understand to be done out of Albany now) had places there.

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