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WYYY Drops “FM” from New Y94 Logo

WYYY Drops “FM” from New Y94 Logo

SYRACUSE — If you’ve noticed there’s something missing when you tune your radio to 94.5 on the FM dial lately, you’re not going crazy.  After nearly 30 years as “Y94FM,” the Clear Channel adult contemporary station has a new logo and new on-air imaging branding itself simply as “Y94,” minus the FM.

We noticed jocks and station liners had been omitting “FM” from the station’s name at least two or three weeks ago, though it wasn’t until Sunday that the station “officially” unveiled its new logo on Facebook.  The recent reappearance of new “Y94” jingles was also noted, after a couple weeks without any of the apparently now-former “Y94FM” jingles.

Listener reaction to the new logo on Facebook was mostly positive, though one fan thinks it’s “heavy-handed on the pink,” while another simply wrote, “dunkin donuts colors.”  (We’re not sure if that was meant to be a compliment or a complaint.) reached out to Clear Channel operations manager Rich Lauber, curious as to whether there’s any story behind eliminating the “FM” part of the name, or “why now,” as opposed to any other time in the past — but we received no response.

One aspect of the station’s branding won’t be losing the “FM” — it looks like the station website will stay put at  Another radio station in Fargo, North Dakota already has the internet domain locked up.

What do you think of the new Y94 logo?  Post your comment below via Facebook or with your free login.

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