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Q&A: How did ESPN Radio CNY offer two games at once?

Q&A: How did ESPN Radio CNY offer two games at once?

SYRACUSE — When an all-sports radio station has the rights to both baseball’s World Series and NFL football, which game wins in a scheduling conflict?  For ESPN Radio CNY, which is heard at 1200AM and 97.7FM in Syracuse, and 1440AM and 100.7FM in Oswego, the answer was a matter of splitting-up the usual simulcast.  But the FMs are just translators — legally, they are not able to originate their own programming.  So, how did Galaxy Communications do it without breaking FCC rules?Continue Reading

McManus and Infanti to Broadcast From ESPN HQ Next Week

McManus and Infanti to Broadcast From ESPN HQ Next Week

Updated 5/23 with guest appearance schedule — SYRACUSE — Next Wednesday will be a special day for ESPN Radio CNY’s locally-produced show, Upon Further Review. Rather than hosting the afternoon drive gabfest from the East Syracuse studios of NewsChannel 9, hosts Chris McManus and Steve Infanti are hitting the road to host the show fromContinue Reading[More »]Continue Reading

ESPN Radio CNY Trades Red Sox for Mets

Updated 1/18 – SYRACUSE — Does the Syracuse area have more Boston Red Sox fans or more New York Mets fans?  After carrying Sox baseball last season, ESPN Radio 97.7/100.1 (WTLA/WSGO) is now hedging its bets with Mets fans.  The station announced on Friday that it’ll be Syracuse’s radio home for the New York MetsContinue Reading[More »]Continue Reading

Derrick Coleman to Join Local ESPN Radio Show

SYRACUSE — ESPN Radio’s Upon Further Review hasn’t even officially debuted yet, and the show already has another new co-host. Former SU and NBA basketball star Derrick Coleman will join the show during basketball season.[More »]Continue Reading

ESPN Radio and WSYR-TV Partner for Daily Simulcast

SYRACUSE — The rumors have been swirling ever since NewsChannel 9′s Steve Infanti joined the cast of ESPN Radio’s weekday afternoon talk show back in August… and now those rumors are confirmed. Starting Monday, Upon Further Review will be simulcast on television. Fans will be able to listen on the radio, or watch on digitalContinue Reading[More »]Continue Reading

Perry Noun’s Golf Show on the Move Again

SYRACUSE — For the second time in a single season, Perry Noun’s golf talk show, Tee Time with the Pronoun, is changing stations again. After starting the 2011 season on ESPN Radio 97.7/100.7 (WTLA/WSGO/W249BC/W261AC), the Saturday morning program will be cut in half and moved back to the AM dial, to Cumulus Media’s The ScoreContinue Reading[More »]Continue Reading

New Co-Hosts, Longer Hours for ESPN Radio Show

SYRACUSE — There are two new but familiar voices on ESPN Radio CNY’s Disturbing the Peace.  Sports director Steve Infanti from ABC affiliate NewsChannel 9 (WSYR-TV) is now a co-host, along with former SU football star Donovin Darius.  The two new hosts share the studio with ESPN Radio program director and original host Chris McManusContinue Reading[More »]Continue Reading

WSYR Skipping Weekday Yankees Games

SYRACUSE — Local Yankees fans on Twitter seem to be upset and surprised, but radio insiders may not be so shocked to learn Clear Channel’s Syracuse cluster is no longer offering radio coverage of certain weekday afternoon New York Yankees games.  That’s likely because FM Newsradio 106.9 and 570 WSYR, which carries the Yankees games,Continue Reading[More »]Continue Reading

Perry Noun’s Golf Show Moving to ESPN Radio

SYRACUSE — As warmer weather approaches, duffers will be pleased to hear that Perry Noun’s long running Tee Time with the Pronoun will be back on the radio this spring — though it’ll have a new home on the dial for its tenth season. Because Noun’s old station, WHEN 620, abandoned its old sports format a fewContinue Reading[More »]Continue Reading