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Bob 102.5 spins the format wheel

Clear Channel is stunting in Utica-Rome this weekend. Friday afternoon’s on-air anouncement that Bob 102.5 (WRBY) will ride off into the sunset was followed by a ‘Wheel of Formats’ starting with a nod to New Rock 105 ‘The Dog’ (WWDG) by airing rock songs and redirecting the station’s web site to WWDG’s home page. Continue Reading[More »]

Report: Scorch pulled off ‘The Dog’

SYRACUSE — All Access is reporting that Scorch has been suspended from his duties at New Rock 105 ‘The Dog’ (WWDG) pending a review of some on-air obscenities.  Scorch is the Clear Channel active rocker’s afternoon air personality and music director. The station’s web site lists Dino as The Dog’s new afternoon guy.  Is Scorch gone for… Continue Reading[More »]

WVOQ 105.1 FM to simulcast B104.7

Talk on the broadcast discussion board the past few days has centered around the fate of WVOQ in DeRuyter once Clear Channel takes ownership. Word has it that the religious formatted station will begin simulcasting B104.7’s programming sometime Friday June 15. Rumors are that the B104.7 simulcast is only temporary as Clear Channel prepares… Continue Reading[More »]