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Bill Keeler no longer at WRCK

UTICA — Bill Keeler confirmed on his web site earlier today that he no longer works for Rock 107 (WRCK).

Here is part of Bill Keeler’s message posted on…

At this point, there’s not a lot I can say until my attorney gives me the word. But I’ll try to clear up some of the questions.

I’ll start by telling you that this is not a publicity stunt; however, if I’ve done my job correctly over the last 23 years, there should still be a little bit of doubt in your mind. None the less, this is the real deal and it seems as if it’s going to be extremely ugly.

On Dec 3rd, I was informed by email that Galaxy was terminating my contract, effective immediately. Although the email did come as a bit of a shock, the truth of the matter is that I was first terminated back in October. Since then, we’ve been on the radio each morning with the knowledge that Dec 6th was the target date that I would officially step down.

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