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Aloha Looking to Sell Nova 105.1

Now that the privatization of Clear Channel is complete, it’s time for CC Media to sell off 54 stations previously placed in the “Aloha Stations Trust,” and DeRuyter’s Nova 105.1 (WWDG) is on the list.

Stations were placed into the trust in markets where CCU owns too many stations, as per FCC ownership rules, but the clusters were grandfathered in because CCU owned the stations before the current limits were instated.  But those exceptions don’t transfer with owners — so when CCU became private as CC Media, the new company cannot keep all of the stations in those markets.

According to All Access, some of the stations have to be sold within 60 days, but All Access did not specify which stations.  You can see the entire list of stations here (PDF format).

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