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WTLA/WSGO Switch Networks

Standards fans may have noticed some recent changes on WTLA 1200 Syracuse and WSGO 1440 Oswego.  It’s because both stations have recently switched networks — another result of the recent merger between Jones Radio Networks and Dial Global.

An observant reader notes the station used to carry Jones Standards, which had been using the slogan, “the greatest music ever made,” since the longtime “Music Of Your Life” format left Jones for another syndicator earlier this year.  Now, the stations are carrying the “America’s Best Music” network from Dial Global.

Galaxy Programming VP Mimi Griswold confirms that observation, noting that at least one of the Jones personalities is still on board with Dial, and will continue to appear on the air.  She notes, “the music changes very little,” because it’s still a standards format.  The only differences most listeners will notice are the new slogan, and some different announcers.  The rest of the differences are all behind the scenes.

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