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Poll: Should We Add a Jobs Wanted Page?

With the headlines of local radio job cuts (sadly) becoming more and more frequent, we thought we’d revisit a question we’ve pondered internally here at HQ — should we open a “Jobs Wanted” page?  Click “More” to cast your vote.

For various reasons, we decided against the idea earlier… but we’re now reconsidering it, and we’d appreciate your opinion by taking a moment to vote in the poll below.


If you’d like to elaborate beyond a standard yes/no answer, scroll down and post your comments below — or you can shoot us an e-mail.

Program Directors: We’d especially like to hear your comments.  Would you use a locally-based “Jobs Wanted” page to find potential new talent, or do you feel it’s up to applicants to make the first move?  We will not publish your comments; we’d just appreciate your thoughts as we weigh this decision.  To prove you’re really a PD, we’d prefer you e-mail us ( from your work e-mail — but if you prefer the contact form, we’ll still be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for your time!

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