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POTW: The WOSC Office in Oswego (1985?)

While researching histories for the Station Wiki, we stumbled upon a little treasure… an entire gallery of photos posted by Mike Doughney, a former co-owner of Fulton’s WOSC 1300 (today WAMF).

This was the WOSC sales office, located at the corner of West Bridge and River Streets in Oswego.  Look closely and you’ll even see the old WKFM (today WBBS) logo in the window.

Mike’s online picture gallery, has many more shots from his days at WOSC, along with some historical pictures from other stations near and far, including the old WFBL studios.  You’ll see 1984 was the only date mentioned in the entire album, and it was in association with a different photo; so we’re not sure if this was also taken in 1984, or possibly 1985.

Update 4/25/09: After originally guessing 1984, we’re now going with 1985, after being tipped off to an archived Oswego Palladium-Times article (PDF) from January 1985 announcing Doughney’s and partner Sam Brown’s then-recent purchase of the station.  Our thanks to former editor Scott Jameson for digging up that link!


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One Comment to POTW: The WOSC Office in Oswego (1985?)

  1. Stumbled in here by way of NERW… hadn’t seen the site since your revival (nice job!) – and came upon this blast from a previous lifetime!

    That picture, to be exact, dates from August 1984. Sometime in ’85 we took that sign off the building and had it trucked to the station; maybe it’s still rusting in the weeds next to the tower.

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