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WEOS Translator Sign-Off Possible Tomorrow

GENEVA — Tower work on the campus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges could force WEOS’ translator on 90.3 FM (W212BA) to shut down for awhile on Friday.  The station’s primary signal at 89.7FM and all other frequencies will not be impacted.

According to the WEOS website, if the shutdown happens, it will begin at approximately 10am.  At this point, there’s no definitive word on how long the outage would last, but we’re guessing the website will be updated accordingly during the event.

Updated 11am: General Manager Aaron Read tells the shutdown of W212BA is actually due to a problem involving WHWS-LP, another college-owned station Read oversees.  Both stations share the same tower and Read says, “we’re seeing high VSWR on WHWS.”  W212BA needs to be powered down in order for a tower climber to investigate the WHWS issue.

On the Wiki
Our thanks to Aaron Read, who took the time to complete the WEOS entry on the Station Wiki.   It’s the only Ithaca/Cortland market station with a completed entry, because of his work.  Any registered user can edit pages on the Wiki… so if your station’s page is still incomplete, get yourself a FREE login and then learn how to edit pages.

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