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New Logo for Utica’s WIBX

UTICA/ROME — You may remember reading here last week about big changes to the on-air branding of news/talker WIBX in Utica.  This week, the station unveiled a brand new logo to support those changes.

The logo, seen at left, replaces the ages-old logo that had thicker, yellow lettering that was mostly lowercase and “squeezed” together pretty tightly.  The new logo has a cleaner black-and-white look, with just a little splash of red.

It already appears on the station website, but no word on how long until you can expect to see the new logo on station vehicles or on mic flags at press conferences.

Last Monday, the station ended a 76-year long affiliation with CBS News radio, replacing it with Fox News Radio.  There are also all new IDs and imaging liners, featuring a different voice talent than had been used for the past several years.

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