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We Want Your Picks: Biggest Stories of 2011

Every year, we put together various “year in review” stories.  This year, we’d like to try adding something new — but we need your input.

Which event(s) in local broadcasting during 2011 were the biggest, most important events in YOUR opinion?

There are no right or wrong answers — just send in your pick(s) and briefly explain them — 50 words or less.  It could be something which impacted you directly.  Or something which made a notable impact on local broadcasting in general.

Why are we asking?

We can easily review our traffic stats to get an objective list of our most-viewed stories… but this is an attempt to get a subjective look at what YOU feel are the year’s biggest stories.  Maybe your choices will match up with the stats, maybe they won’t — we’re curious to find out!  As we get closer to the end of the year, we’d plan to publish a story which includes the responses we receive from you and other readers.

Not sure whether a story happened during 2011 or if it was earlier?  Check out the “News Archives” pulldown menu in the sidebar on the right side of the screen or use the search box further up the right side of the screen.

Submit Your Ideas

The deadline for submissions will be Friday, December 23.  Use the form below or email

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Tell us what you think was the biggest story in local radio or TV broadcasting during 2013, and why.
Optional: if you have the URL for the story you are nominating, please provide it here.

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