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Comment Posting Policy

Readers are welcome and encouraged to post comments regarding the stories on this website. There is a section for comments at the bottom of each story on the site. Commenting Interface

In order to post comments directly via our own commenting interface, you must be logged-in to Obtaining a login is free, and as noted on our Privacy Policy page, it is possible to establish an account without actually giving away your identity.

When you post comments using a login, other readers will always see your username. If you provided a website URL in your user profile (during registration), your username will be displayed as a link to that URL. If you did not provide a website URL, your name will not appear as a link.  Although an email address is required as part of the account registration process, your email address will NOT be made visible to the general public.

Facebook Commenting Interface

Starting in mid-2012, most newer articles also include a Facebook commenting interface.  This interface can be used by any user of Facebook.

Due to the fact that the Facebook comment interface is loaded directly from Facebook’s servers, this commenting interface can change at any time without notice. As a result, we will defer to Facebook’s own privacy policies regarding the posting of comments via Facebook.

Auto-Import of Comments from Facebook and Twitter

Anytime we publish a new story on and, an internal plugin automatically sends the headline and a link to the Facebook Page (as a “link” status update) and Twitter Feed (as a Tweet).

If you comment (on Facebook) or @-reply (on Twitter) directly to these automatically-generated posts, our plugin will import your response as a comment on the Commenting Interface, regardless of whether you have a username.  These imported comments will show your real name (as it appears on your Facebook or Twitter account), and your name will link back to your FB or Twitter profile.

Comment Moderation Policy

For the most part, we believe in freedom of speech. Readers are welcome to share opinions and analysis of the news items we publish. However, we reserve the right to take action regarding comments which are deemed to contain inappropriate language, false accusations, personal attacks or anything deemed as “spam.” Action may range from simply deleting a comment and providing a warning, up to and including banning a user from future commenting privileges.