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Contact and have been covering happenings in the Central New York broadcast industry since 2001. Keeping track of happenings at 100+ radio and TV stations in three markets is no easy task, but press releases from station officials and news tips from insiders and observers are always helpful and appreciated. If you’re looking to contact or, you’re in the right place. First, a quick disclaimer — and yes, we really need to include this in big, red letters:

This site does not belong to any radio or TV station, nor is it affiliated with any station.  If you are looking to contact the staff of any specific, local broadcast outlet, this is not the place.

Please click “Station Listings” in the menu above — almost every radio and TV station in the area has a website, and our listings pages have links to those websites.  Once you have found a station’s own website, you can usually find the appropriate contact info for that station.

Also, since we are NOT a radio or television station, we do NOT have a “community calendar.”  Please do not send info about events or other news items that are NOT about local radio or television. will NOT accept any correspondence which appears to be intended for a specific radio or TV station or any station’s employees.  We will not “pass it along” for you; your message will simply be deleted.  If you are looking to contact a specific station or personality, please find that station’s website and contact the appropriate party directly.

And now, disclaimer #2:

As announced on January 20, 2014, the site is on hiatus indefinitely.

Editor Peter Naughton, citing a full plate of other life priorities, no longer has time to continue with regular publication of this website.  Although we encourage radio stations and TV stations to keep us on your press release distribution lists (for whenever the site resumes, whether it be under present or new ownership), we will not be posting any new stories for the foreseeable future.

With that out of the way, there are two simple ways to contact us.

  1. Email. If you wish to provide the information in confidence, or off-the-record, please state this in your email.  We appreciate our sources and we take such requests very seriously.  If you request anonymity, we will not share your name with anyone.
  2. Use the Contact Form below.  While the form has fields for your name and email, these are optional.  You can send a message without sharing your identity.  (But please keep in mind — if you’re asking a question, we can’t answer unless you tell us how to reach you.)

Once again, this form will not get you in touch with any radio or TV station.

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