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Tag Archives: Don DeRosa

FCC Reverses $7,000 Order Against Former WAMF Owner

FULTON — The Federal Communications Commission today released a ruling made on Friday, that it would cancel a $7,000 “forfeiture” it had levied in 2007 against Fulton station WAMF 1300 for licensing violations. The reason given by the FCC: it “has since learned” of then-owner Don DeRosa’s passing, which happened three months ago. Continue Reading[More »]

Benefit June 19 for Former WTLB “Emperor” Don DeRosa

UTICA/ROME — We’re sad to report former (we’re talking decades ago) Utica radio personality and programmer Don DeRosa was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Friends of DeRosa — also known to some by the nicknames “Polka Stoney” or “Donnie D” — are organizing a benefit to help defray the costs of DeRosa’s medical treatments.  It’s happening… Continue Reading[More »]

WAMF studios destroyed by fire

Investigators are looking into the cause of Sunday’s blaze that destroyed three businesses in Fulton including the studios of WAMF 1300 AM. Because its transmitter facility is located in Granby, the automated country station was able to remain on the air. (2010 Update: Original source article at is no longer available.) Continue Reading[More »]