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Tag Archives: Joel Delmonico

Local Affiliates Support Limbaugh Amid Controversy

CENTRAL NEW YORK — Dozens of national-level advertisers and two radio stations — one in Hawaii and one in Massachusetts — have severed ties with The Rush Limbaugh Show, over some well-publicized remarks Limbaugh made on-air recently.  But when it comes to affiliates in the three markets covered by, it appears Limbaugh’s future is… Continue Reading[More »]

Clear Channel Syracuse Cuts 4: Reith, Marisay, 2 Producers

SYRACUSE — Earlier today, we reported Jim Reith has exited WSYR radio, after 27 years at the news/talk station.  It appears Reith’s departure is among many nationwide, ordered by WSYR’s owner, Clear Channel Communications.  Since this afternoon, the tips have poured in, and we’ve learned at least three others received pink slips in Syracuse today. Continue Reading[More »]