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POTW: F’in Kevin Visits Dr. Drew (2010)

LOS ANGELES — Our latest Picture of the Week comes from the “Where Are They Now” file. ¬†An observant reader tipped us off to the blog of the famous Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the popular Loveline show — where Pinsky posted a picture from a recent meeting between himself and a former K-Rock (WKLL/WKRH/WKRL) personality. Continue Reading

Kevin Kline’s move from CNY to NYC

Former K-Rock (WKRL/WKLL) morning jock “F’n Kevin” Klein is keeping busy these days in New York City. Klein, who recently left his digs in Syracuse for the Big Apple, has been heard on XM Radio’s MTV and VH1 channels and on New York’s 92-3 K-Rock (WXRK). WXRK is the home base of the syndicated Howard… Continue Reading[More »]