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POTW: Farewell to Two “Unsung Heroes” of TV News (2012)

POTW: Farewell to Two “Unsung Heroes” of TV News (2012)

SYRACUSE — Ask viewers to name people who work in local TV news and you’ll probably hear names like Matt Mulcahy, Carrie Lazarus, Rod Wood, Jackie Robinson, Christie Casciano and Michael Benny pretty often.  How about Roger Mirabito or Kristy Smorol?  People inside local TV news know these names, but outside of their respective stations’ walls, they are among the many “unsung heroes” who play major roles in bringing the news to you every day and night.  This week, co-workers are saying goodbye to both, as they head onto new jobs outside of broadcasting. Continue Reading

Syracuse Press Club 2011 Award Winners Named

SYRACUSE — Top journalists from Syracuse and surrounding markets gathered for the Syracuse Press Club’s 33rd annual Scholarship and Professional Recognition Awards Dinner last night at Drumlins Country Club in Syracuse.  Public stations WRVO and WAER dominated the radio categories, while there were plenty of ties for winners in the television categories. Continue Reading[More »]