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WKTV Likely to Soon be Smith Media’s Only Property

WKTV Likely to Soon be Smith Media’s Only Property

Updated 3:30pm with new information from management — UTICA — Within the past decade, WKTV parent company Smith Media LLC owned nearly ten television stations, located in Vermont, New York, Alaska and California. Over the past few years, the company has whittled its holdings down to just four stations… and if two recently-announced deals are completed as proposed, Smith Media’s portfolio will consist of just one station: WKTV. Continue Reading

WKTV and Time Warner Reach Deal

UTICA — The corporate battle that resulted in NBC affiliate WKTV’s removal from certain Time Warner Cable lineups — including systems serving Utica and its immediate suburbs — has ended.  As of Saturday night, the two sides say they’ve reached a new agreement which should have WKTV back on the lineups by Sunday morning. Continue Reading[More »]