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“The Stand” Visits Dr. Rick Wright In-Studio

“The Stand” Visits Dr. Rick Wright In-Studio

SYRACUSE — Enter the studios of Clear Channel’s Syracuse cluster on a Sunday afternoon and you’ll find most of the studios are unmanned.  “That’s not radio,” said Dr. Rick Wright, in a recent interview with The Stand newspaper.  As the only live DJ in the building on Sundays, the longtime host of Old Skool Sundays on Power 620 (WHEN) recently reflected on radio’s battle to balance technology with personality. Continue Reading

WSYR-FM Calls Officially Back in Syracuse

SYRACUSE — The recently-rebranded “FM Newsradio 106.9 WSYR” really is WSYR-FM now, according to the FCC’s FM Query database.  Although Clear Channel had filed last month to swap the old WPHR calls with the former WSYR-FM in Florida, 106.9 had to keep WPHR as its legal ID until the FCC OK’d the changes.  A clip of the “WPHR Solvay, WSYR-AM Syracuse” ID was… Continue Reading[More »]

WSYR to Begin FM Simulcast?

SYRACUSE — There’s no confirmation yet from Clear Channel, but signs point toward a possible FM simulcast for news/talker WSYR in the near future.  One national radio industry website says it found registrations for five — count ’em, five — new internet domain names that suggest that WSYR could be moving to the FM dial,… Continue Reading[More »]

Mediaguide Now Monitoring Syracuse

SYRACUSE — Even though automation systems in place at virtually every radio station in the region allow for easy and accurate documentation of every single song and advertisement that hits the air, many stations are now being watched by at least one “external” observer around the clock. Mediaguide is now monitoring several stations in the… Continue Reading[More »]