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Kiddie Plastic Surgery Among April Fools Gags

SYRACUSE — We’re a little late with catching up on April Fools Day here at HQ… but we wanted to make sure we took a moment to make note of local stations that pulled off clever gags.  So far, the one we’ve heard about was on 93Q (WNTQ), where the Ted & Amy morning show heard from plenty of irate parents after devoting heavy airtime on Thursday to a bogus pediatric plastic surgery office in DeWitt.
Inside: Any other good gags out there?  Add your stories by posting a comment.

Ted & Amy’s discussion about “The Adolescent & Pre-Adolescent Cosmetic Surgery Center of DeWitt” (or APCSCD for short) went so far as to include a website — at  The website included some testimonials from patients, including “Bob J.” from Baldwinsville, who raved about how his once-bullied 13-year-old son quickly rose to popularity as swim team captain after “his teeth bleaching and laser hairline adjustment.”  Anyone who visited the website would catch on quickly — clicking on any link leads to an April Fools message on the real 93Q website.

Anyone else?

If your station also pulled an April Fools gag — we’re not leaving you out on purpose!  We just didn’t get a chance to listen to the radio very long on Thursday morning.  Whether you’re a station staffer who had a hand in the hilarity — or a listener who heard something — share your stories of other on-air April Fools gags by posting a comment below.  If you don’t have a login, click here to sign up for free!

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