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“The Dinosaur” launches on 95.3 and 103.9

“The Dinosaur” launches on 95.3 and 103.9

SYRACUSE — After three months of stunting, the new format for 103.9 (WNDR, Mexico) and translator 95.3 (W237AY, DeWitt) has been revealed. Locally-owned Renard Communications launched “95.3 and 103.9 The Dinosaur” at noon today, offering “Classic Top 40,” predominantly from the 60s and 70s. The station brings some well-known names back to the Syracuse airwaves — and they’re looking for more talent to join the team.

The stunting started back on October 5, 2013, when the mostly-religious “Love Radio” was moved to 87.7FM, the audio carrier for TV channel 6 (WVOA-LP), making way for 95.3 and 103.9 to launch “Holly-FM,” an all-Christmas station. After Christmas, the two FM signals switched to an all-Beatles format, calling itself “WBTL,” though the official WNDR call sign remained.

Mornings will be hosted by Nick Caplan, who once worked in the same building as part of the final years of the top 40 format on 1490 WOLF in the late 70s and early 80s. Caplan is also program director. Morning news reports will be handled by Melissa Midgley, former morning co-host at Galaxy’s Sunny 102.1 (WZUN). She’ll also have her own jock shift on Saturdays from 10-3.

Longtime Y94 Saturday night host Tony Fallico is hosting middays for the time being. Bob Brown, who recently left middays at Leatherstocking Media’s 92.1 WSEN, will be handling afternoon drive for the station. From 7pm to midnight, for the time being, it’s yours truly, Peter Naughton.

(And yes, I referred to myself and Fallico as having our weekday shifts, “for the time being,” because we are interim hosts.  Caplan is seeking permanent hosts for these shifts, and once replacements are on board, Fallico and myself will move to weekends only.  If you’re interested, send your aircheck and resume to Nick Caplan at WOLF Radio, Inc., 401 W. Kirkpatrick St., Syracuse, NY 13204.)

A special Saturday night request show will be hosted by Lee Goodman, whose decades of radio experience includes time at WOLF, WFBL, WHEN and Y94 (WYYY).

The name of the new format was discovered in December by’s Lance Venta, who noticed station manager Sam Furco was listed as the contact for a new internet domain registration for “”  The name left observers guessing on the exact nature of the format… and without any comment from Furco, even more guessing followed when Furco filed another domain registration for “” — which we now know was a decoy, although a convincing one since some observers had predicted the two FMs would eventually wind up simulcasting co-owned Real Country 1300 (WOSW, Fulton).

Disclosure Statement editor Peter Naughton received an offer to join the air staff in late December.  We had no knowledge of the new format prior to that time.  Once Naughton learned of the plans, it was requested that the details be “embargoed” until today’s launch.  Just like many mainstream news media outlets, has routinely honored “embargoes” placed on information provided in advance by sources.  Also, in conjunction with — but not necessarily as a result of — this news, Naughton has an official announcement about today.

5 Comments to “The Dinosaur” launches on 95.3 and 103.9

  1. Tom says:

    @Guru_Dave It should have stayed ALL Beatles #beatles @thebeatles

  2. […] reports Nick Caplan will serve as Program Director and Morning Host for the station joined by newscaster Melissa Midgley. Bob Brown, most recently in middays at crosstown Classic Hits 92.1 WSEN, will host afternoons. Middays and nights remain to be filled permanently, but will be held by Tony Fallico and Peter Naughton respectively on an interim basis. […]

  3. Adventure says:

    Just want to wish Nick the best in his new position. Have always felt Nick to be an excellent on-air talent, along with having vast music knowledge, especially for the format that is being implemented.

  4. akauf says:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ALL BEALTES FORMAT. My Niece was home from Boston this Christmas and was so happy to hear the All Beatles radio station. She said leave it to Syracuse to have such a great station!!!
    I am so sad it is gone :(

  5. amradioguy says:

    Isn’t WMBO 1340 Auburn still with the all Beatles format? Last I knew, it was all Beatles. As for “all anything”, if you like that music so much, load up on those tunes on your iPad, or buy out the CD store and listen to your hearts content. As a listener, I want a good mix of music, not just all the same artist. How many people would like to listen to all Mitch Miller? or all Mario Lanza?
    Tuned in WNDR/WOLF on Tuesday and liked what I heard..Good production, good jingles, and a good music mix. 95.3 didn’t go too far out of Syracuse heading East. But it came in strong in East Syracuse were we were. Gotta catch Nick Kaplan’s morning program on the computer. Oldies 96 Utica hasn’t been the same since he left.

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