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POTW: Cook Book of the Stars (1941)

POTW: Cook Book of the Stars (1941)

SYRACUSE — This may very well qualify as the all-time “oldest” Picture of the Week yet.  We’re going back more than 70 years in Syracuse radio history, with scans from a few pages from a “WFBL Cook Book of the Stars,” published in 1941.

A contributor who prefers to be identified as “a long-time reader” of says the book comes from “well before our time, and from a simpler era for sure.”  Our anonymous contributor sent along scans from three different pages of the book, starting with the front cover:

Next, a scan of the preface page, which explains how this cookbook evolved into a “triple feature” to include a picture album and a “Who’s Who” of WFBL radio, complete with biographical tidbits about the on-air personalities and the back office staffers who shared recipes for the publication.

And finally, we have a scan from “page 31” of the cookbook.  WFBL “special events man” Neal Moylan shares his recipes for Announcer’s Pie and Eggs A La King.  And “Socony Radio News” anchor Jack O’Neil (“born John Paul Eno” prior to gaining his on-air name in Buffalo) shares his recipe for Apple Pancakes.

Got Pictures?

Thanks again to our anonymous reader for finding this treasure from Syracuse radio history, scanning a few pages, and sending them along.  We’re very grateful to have the chance to share this with our readers.

By contrast, we have a much more recent photo lined up for next Friday’s edition of Picture of the Week, but after that, the hopper’s empty — so whether you’ve got something recent from your local radio or television station, or another “blast from the past,” we’re always grateful for your submissions.  The address is or you can upload via the Contact Form.  There’s a new Picture of the Week every Friday.

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